Friday, August 24, 2012

Patently Ridiculous!

I'm a proud papa and need to share that the United States Patent and Trademark Office just issued Patent # 8,234,166.  Thanks go to Bob Filice, my co-inventor, who in point of fact did most of the work to file this patent, and to Yahoo!, for believing in this enough to invest the legal cycles necessary to get this across the finish line.  For their efforts, they now own the patent for "Automated user segment selection for delivery of online advertisements"!

You don't need to know what that means, unless you are involved in buying digital advertising based on the predicted value of the user seeing the ad.  If you are, beware.  Yahoo! has not historically been aggressive at defending their patent portfolio, but competitors stepping on their IP should read carefully!


denise aranoffbrown said...

Congrats! Since I fit in the category of interested digital advertiser and proud family member, I guess I'll have to learn more!

denise aranoffbrown said...

Since I'm an interested digital advertiser and a proud relative, let me be the first to say "Congrats!"