Thursday, November 08, 2012

The Making of a Video

I attended Ad:tech NY this week.  As part of the re-launch of Infolinks, our company sponsored a session in which I presented, we arranged for a meeting room (which got a ton of use by the five folks from Infolinks who attended the show), and we had a full page ad in the conference handbook.  But the most challenging thing I did was participate in a web video interview.

Video set up before they started filming
I was interviewed by AllVoices at the conference, and the process they used was interesting.  AllVoices does video interviews with experts in their field.  They have freelancers who conduct the interviews and capture the video.  In the video, a question is shown as white text on a black background and then the interviewee is filmed answering the question.  This allows almost anyone who knows how to capture quality videos to do the job.  Luckily, the free lancer working on this video was very prepared with smart questions.  The biggest challenge for me was to explain Infolinks and banner blindness in a way that would translate to the audience for AllVoices, since it is broader than the online advertising industry.  Let me know how well I succeeded (or failed).  It's already received 10K views, so hopefully it worked!  Here's the finished product -- all four minutes of it:

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