Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Digital Magazines are Here to Stay

Let me start out by saying that one of my jobs is to run marketing for Zinio Systems. The company works with magazine publishers to produce digital replica versions of their print magazines. We also help sell subscriptions on our web site and distribute them to over two million readers in 95% of the world's countries. So I'm biased on this topic.

Having said that, we recently produced a research report which shows pretty clearly that digital magazine readership is growing really rapidly. Depending upon the measure, the industry has grown anywhere from 25-40% over the most recent six month reporting period. That's impressive growth, especially in the context of an overall magazine industry that is basically experiencing zero growth.

The report is available for free by registering through this link.

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Ben Casnocha said...

Dave - a new post on your blog - a miracle!

You were on my list of people to connect with this summer....would love to get coffee or lunch downtown one of these days. Weeks of the 25th or 1st are flexible for me. Look forward to catching up Dave. hope all is well.